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Name: Lucan Cherman
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Archetype: (anointed knight, scholar, etc.)
Location:Ogden's Hovel
Affiliations: Merchant's Guild, Organized Crime rings

Character Background and Description
Born to a well off merchant family, Lucan developed harsh negotiating skills at a young age. As he mastered these skills, he turned to the back alleys of his childhood home in the lush areas surrounding Aegon's Hill, and found himself adept in gambling rings as well as in “trading”. He quickly accrued wealth after gaining the inheritance of his family’s business, and through large scale negotiations.
His youthful back-alley days would lead him to grow as a primary boss in the underworld of his home city. He became famous for accepting deals with anyone, at the right price. Many that take deals with him, often live to regret the decision.
Lucan will pull strings through the use of his wealth in pursuit of his day to day goals. If someone needs a loan during hard times, then they could go to Lucan for either a large sum loan or a short time deal on necessities. In either scenario the cost may be as high as working for Lucan in his shipping yards along the edge of town, or at one of the many small business that he uses as a front. Alternatively, the cost for things of increasing value will require a higher price, such as acquiring old or dangerous artifacts from ancient times or exotic places. Such items might require selling of children into slavery, or a literal mound of gold.
In his time in King’s Landing, Lucan has preferred to stay closer to the “heartbeat” of the city, and spends his days in Ogden's Hovel. Tirelessly accruing wealth and power through ruthless negotiations.