external image anakin-lee-2.jpg?1443932073Name: Lowphus Wholeblood
Age: 30
Sex: M
Archetype: Gold Cloak
Location: Boarder between Flea Bottom and Aegon's Hill
Affiliations: Gold Cloaks and the King's Court

Character Background and Description:

Lowphus Wholeblood belongs to the City Watch of King's Landing, otherwise known as the Gold Cloaks. He is a hunchbacked knight that wears a helmet with encircling ram horns and carries a large mace in one hand and a shield in the other. He is one of the few Gold Cloaks stationed at the border of Aegon's Hill and Flea Bottom in order to prevent unwanted vagabonds from spilling over into the wealthier district. Lowphus is a dedicated knight completely enthralled with his work, though many Gold Cloaks would see his position as a punishment or the bottom of the barrel Lowphus takes his job with pride and joy.

With a friendly warm smile he hails any unwashed looking patron that crosses his path to his side. Politely he asks the individual questions about their reasons for entering the wealthy region and what business they have to conduct there. If they have sufficient proof and cause he sees them off on their way and wishes them well in life. However if Lowphus ever comes across an individual with no reason for being there, he promptly executes them on the spot. With the same smile and friendly tone he portrays to everyone he drags off the bodies of the slain, reveling in the death of the poor. Exploiting his power to express extreme force, Lowphus thoroughly enjoys his position and has slowly become a local living boogeyman around Flea Bottom. Becoming the epitome of the phrase "Don't talk to strangers," he is the subject of a nursery rhyme
that is quickly gaining popularity amongst the mothers of Flea Bottom who teach their children:

"Wholeblood, Wholeblood, all spilt on ground"
"Back and Forth, Back and Forth, the warden's going round"
"Father's smile, a warm embrace, it's already too late"
"The hunchback's mace, a smiling face, just accept your fate"
"His back it breaks, His back it breaks, from so many bodies weight!"