external image b0c91b825e52fbe6d14e4dd366ed14220fe38cbb.jpgName: Lockshy's Coin and Land
Location: Aegon's Hill
Type: Mercantile
Size: Large
Condition: Pristine

Inhabitants: Tubal Lockshy, a handful of trusted bookkeepers, and several professional enforcers. Drevyn Myatt (Loan Facilitator)

Tubal Lockshy runs his moneylending services out of Lockshy's Coin and Land. A grand stone building with an exquisitely and invitingly decorated exterior, and an interior to which great expense has gone towards making comfortable. The moneylender's is located on a broad avenue but a short walk from the Red Keep.
Lockshy's main body of clients are supplicants to King Robert, who wish to present the king with a lavish gift, but do not by themselves have the means to do so. Lockshy also services residents of King's Landing who need minor loans; however, should such loans not be repaid by the specified date, Lockshy's well-paid force of ruthless enforcers will collect his dues through property repossession. Lockshy then rents out that property for a hefty profit.
Should some visitor from beyond King's Landing or above Lockshy's social standing renege on a loan, the moneylender appeals for restitution from the Small Council's Master of Coin, leaving it to the crown to collect from the debtor.