e4638205d704bda45771eb1d87f8368d.jpgName: Lina Wars
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Archetype: Prisoner
Location: Garden of Bars
Affiliations: NA

Character Background and Description
Lina Wars was a noblewoman married to her husband, Stefon, before he mysteriously died of a poisoning. The poisoning was said to be the work of an assassin hired by someone who didn't like Stefon's rising status, and Lina was seen as a mourning widow during this time. In actuality Lina was the one who poisoned her husband after she caught him frequently visiting a brothel. Before she murdered her husband she sold his intel to the highest bidder, who so happened to be caught by one of the Gold Cloaks. Lina was imprisoned for betraying her dead husband and was sent to the Garden of Bars due to her status and her seemingly "harmless" crime.

Lina now spends her days tending to the gardens and speaking with one of the guards Ser Khurt Turse whenever she has the chance to. She uses her femininity to seem helpless and regretful of her past actions, when in actuality she plans to escape her confines in the Garden of Bars and seek out the women her husband was unfaithful with. She is beginning to learn about the different properties of the herbs she picks and has already put a plan into place of how she will poison the guards and escape.