Name: Larris Varner
Larris Varner.jpg
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Archetype: Scout
Location: Tempest Hold, Stormlands
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Larris Varner, younger brother to Commander Ashter Varner, grew up on the outskirts of the Stormlands in a surprisingly well-off family. Larris is quite fair skinned, and always has a stern look on his face. At the age of 10, Larris started his lessons on swordsmanship and the bow & arrow. At the age of 12 he dropped his lessons in sword fighting and mastered the bow & arrow as he enjoyed distancing himself in combat. His father Trevas Varner taught him how to climb the jagged mountains of the Stormlands, and traverse the dense forests for resources. Unlike his brother Ashter, he did not ponder books often. Larris cannot read nor does he speak many words to this day. During the turmoil of Robert’s Rebellion, his parents were brutally murdered by bandits, leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves. Both of them quickly decided to become mercenaries within the Stormlands, traveling all over to find work; even going hungry for a few nights. They put their combat skills and keen intellect to work, mostly hunting down thieves and bandits for money and food. They have never failed their missions, and word of Larris’s skills with the bow quickly spread within the land. He gained the nickname “Sharp-eye” as it is believed that one of his eyes never blinks with its perfect vision.

For years the both of them lived from village to village and town to town until Darius heard the rumor of Larris’s existence. Shortly after, Larris and his brother were both captured by Darius but only to offer them a permanent position as the leaders of House Rhyferth’s scouts. Larris become second in command next to his brother Ashter who commands the scouts of House Rhyferth. He is now supplied light leather armor, newly fletched arrows, and oak bows for his recon missions under House Rhyferth.