Name: Lanner Chandyll
Age: 46
Sex: Male
Archetype: Artisan
Location: Nemisport
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description

Lanner Chandyll is an architect from the North. Coming from a poor background, he made his way to the Citadel at the age of eighteen and began studying masonry. However, he found himself unsuited to the scholarly environment and left the Citadel two years later, before even forging his first link. Since then, he traveled around Westeros studying the different ways that its many people constructed their buildings to keep out their foes, both natural and human. During this time, he made a living offering his services as a repairman to anyone that would take them, earning himself a reputation for high quality work. Eventually, his networking paid off and he was hired to construct a hall for a small time lord in the Westerlands, where he has now settled.

Having earned the favor of Robert Baratheon during Greyjoy's Rebellion, House Eisengold rekindled the old ire that the Iron Islands had for them and sought out additional protection. For this reason, Lord Eisengold sought the services of Lanner Chandyll, hiring him to reinforce Lyonhall against the looming threat from across the sea. Chandyll brings with him a vast knowledge of the best kinds of defensive structures, and he is a much valued, if perhaps temporary, retainer to the House. He is well compensated for his services, but makes a near constant claim that he is more interested in the process of construction than the reward for its completion, a claim that seems to stand in contrast to the years of hardship he endured during his travels. Perhaps Chandyll is a two faced liar, and a good one at that, but either way, his workmanship is equal to that of a properly trained craftsman.

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