Name: Lakeview Commons market_by_ch14-d6vpipu.jpg
Location: Dorne
Type: Marketplace
Size: Couple Acres
Condition: Old but good

Inhabitants: 200 Merchants and Craftsmen.

Nestled on the side of Sanctuary lake, Lakeview commons serves as the central hub for trade to House Sekhmet. Merchants from the area surrounding Sanctuary lake gather at the crack of dawn to begin a busy day of haggling and swindling. Only fools accept the first price given to them at Lakeview.
The fishermen beckon those who stroll by the shore to step aboard their boat shops, each specializing in their own species of fish. During the summer not a day goes by without a fresh catch, but the long winters leave them famished.
Boats are among the highest priced commodity of Lakeview as they are both a home and a means for livelihood. The most affluent fish merchants have multi tiered houseboats reaching as high as a great pine and as wide as a mead hall. Most successful of all is Emilya Reed, the Catfish Queen.