7794820104_e4ec23aebb_o.jpgName: Kyra Bayle
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Archetype: Scout
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Kyra Bayle is the only daughter of Kegan and Aiana Bayle. While Kyra was growing up, her father would often take her with him hunting. He taught her how to track and shoot with a bow, regaling her with stories about how he used to do that same with his father. Kegan ingrained in Kyra the idea that life was too short to spend doing things you don't enjoy.

From her mother Aiana, Kyra learned to read and was told stories of heroes and gods. Inspired by these tales, Kyra decided she wanted to make her mark on the world, just like those heroes had. Her mother also taught her how to be light on her feet and nimble but Kyra was never as quick as she was. However Kyra did eventually surpass her father in archery.

When she was older, Aiana was hired by House Rhyferth as an informant and the family moved to Tempest Hold. As they were leaving their old house, Kyra found a Barn Owl egg by their door. Seeing it as a sign, Kyra took care of the egg until it hatched. She named the baby Anaris and, despite the skepticism of her parents, trained the owl until it grew up, after which it became her constant companion. After Kegan joined the scouts, Kyra decided she wanted to follow suit.

Currently, Kyra is a new scout, but is proving to be a fast learner. Unlike her parents, she has a strong sense of loyalty and duty to House Rhyferth, and believes it will regain its lost status one day. Once she has a goal, nothing can stop Kyra from completing it, her stubbornness far surpassing her parents. Despite her strong morals and dedication, Kyra is still young and quite naive, causing both her parents to worry. As Kyra is an unapologetic idealist, they fear someone might take advantage of the poor girl. Even then, Kyra is quite intelligent and her parents have high hopes.

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