Name: Kradok Sekhmetbadass.jpg
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Archetype: Lord
Location: Dorne
Affiliations: House Sekhmet

Character Background and Description
A man well versed in the hardships of the desert, Kradok stands as lord of House Sekhmet. An imposing figure standing at just over six feet tall he commands respect from those under him and his control of the lake has earned him the title "Lord on the Blood Lake" for his houses past bloody history. The desert living has clearly worn on his face as Kradok prefers to survey his lands personally rather than send his own men to do so. Naturally, having a presence in the hamlet outside his castle does much to bolster the moral of his people, however bandits do nip at the edges of his territory causing much consternation to the villagers and stress and worry to the middle aged lord. Despite these troubles, House Sekhmet is on the rise as its marketplace is a thing to behold and its lake an attraction that draws visitors from all around. Both of these things serve to increase the houses influence and ease Kradok's worries because even though he is respected and trusted lord, his family's past will haunt him forever. In fact every time he makes a decisive call or is blunt to someone in his court, a part of him fears that he could become what his ancestors were. These fears have yet to manifest into anything serious as Kradok attempts to channel them into doing the best he can.