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Name: Knifye Road
Location: The North
Type: Road
Size: Large
Condition: Well-maintained, moderately guarded

Inhabitants: Travelers, Merchants, Fenshaw patrolmen, Highwaymen, Bandits

The Knifye Road is a road that intersects the Kings Road. It begins in Falcon's Perch to the West, and ends at the tip of the The Talon to the East. Its main purpose aside from connecting the vast stretch of Fenshaw territory is to engage in the trading of iron, silver, food, and beer to the rest of the North and beyond. The West transports mining materials while the more fertile East sends its excess food and beer, occasionally timber. As of late the Knifye Road has been attributed to the sudden increase in power for House Fenshaw, allowing for quick trade between the two regions. Unfortunately the road is more likely to see bandits and highwaymen harassing traders due to its preference over the Kings Road.