Interactive map of King's Landing based on the Lands of Ice and Fire by Jonathan Roberts and George R.R. Martin.

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King's Landing Districts

While there are no official "districts" within the city of King's Landing, locals and the city government alike recognize five general districts with indistinct boundaries: Viseyna's District, Rhaenys's District, Aegon's District, Flea Bottom, and the Waterfront.


Visenya's Hill District

The largest and most diverse of the five districts, Visenya's District, with Visenya's High Hill at its center, contains three notable and discrete sections:
  • The merchant's center spans everything west and south of the Sept of Baelor and includes the Street of Steel, Street of Flour, and Street of Looms, among many others, including the shop of master armorer Tobho Mott
  • Visenya's Hill itself includes the Great Sept of Baelor and, at the foot of its back side facing east, the Alchemist's Guildhall
  • The northern section features housing as well as the West Barracks of the City Watch

Rhaenys's Hill District

This smaller, wealthy, and mostly residential district includes:
  • The ruins of the once-legendary Dragonpit at the top of Rhaenys's Hill
  • High-end brothels such as Chataya's
  • A number of alchemsit and herbalist shops on the Street of Sisters, which runs from Visenya's hill to Rhaneys's hill
  • The East Barracks of the City Watch

Aegon's Hill District

This district includes a number of offices of the crown and a mix of low-end and upscale housing. It also includes:

Both the Waterfront and the slums of Flea Bottom contain the majority of the city's less savory places

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