ranger_of_the_north___wip_by_kaaile.jpgName: Kegan Bayle
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Archetype: Scout, Former Mercenary
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Kegan Bayle was born in a Northern Village not far from Falcon's Perch. His mother died in childbirth, her husband promising to take care of their son. His father was a skilled hunter and taught Kegan everything he knew, from tracking animals to shooting a bow. He also told Kegan stories of heroes and history, inspiring the youth with tales of adventure and wonder. The two of them made a living off meat and pelts for many years until they were both attacked by wolves. Although Kegan was able to kill them, his father did not survive. From this experience, Kegan learned that life was too short and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to one of adventure and personal enjoyment.

Eager for excitement, Kegan became a mercenary. He used his deadly accuracy with a bow to do everything from assassinating corrupt nobles to providing extra security for some spoiled brat's name day party. When he didn't have a job, Kegan could be seen hunting around Falcon's Perch and selling his kills for some extra money. It wasn't the funds that fueled Kegan but the thrills and the stories he had. Many of these tales caught the attention of a merchant's daughter named Aiana, who listened with intense curiosity. Every so often, the two of them would meet in Falcon's Perch, and talk about everything from the weather and architecture to their hopes, dreams, and desire for adventure. The two of them soon fell in love and married. Shortly afterwards, Aiana became Kegan's partner and a fellow mercenary.

For several years, the two of them worked together perfectly. Kegan's skills in survival helped them during travel and Aiana's natural agility allowed them to reach better vantage points. The job was more exciting than ever with Aiana by his side. However, one day a jealous noble asked the pair to kill the heir of a minor lord, a young child. This horrified Aiana, who stopped Kegan from making the killing blow. At her behest, they refused the job and settled down to raise their daughter, Kyra. To make ends meet, Kegan went back to hunting while Aiana looked after the house.

Eventually, Aiana met Brenum Fentus and was hired as an informant for House Rhyferth. Kegan took a job as one of the house's scouts, being more suited to survival and hunting than paying attention to the chatter of nobles. While he preferred his exciting life as a mercenary, Kegan finds ways to amuse himself and endears himself to some of his fellow scouts with his light-hearted nature and eagerness to explore. Unlike Aiana, he has many friends in House Rhyferth and doesn't understand why she can't connect with others. Through his charm and reputation, he was able to get Kyra into the scouts. He enjoys teaching and spending time with her, hoping to pass on as much as he can in case something unexpected happens.

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