external image Hot_Horseshoe_(stevefe).jpgName: Keepers of the Track
Archetype: Small Folk
Location: Ellion's Racetrack

Character Background and Description

Over the centuries Ellion’s Racetrack has seen many guests, but only the Keepers of the Track live there. A collection of many trades the Keepers are dropouts of apprenticeships and other training alike. Would be carpenters, failed blacksmiths, and former squires are just some that find a home at the Track. Horses need shoes, the stands need maintaining, and the Track always needs cleaning; to become a Keeper you must have a skill that is worthwhile.

Underneath the stands, the Keepers have made their home. Like a bees in a hive, Keepers fly in and out of the stands all day, making the races possible. The Keepers are not hosts though, they are not to interact with guests as their lower status may offend.

There are no families under the track. The Keepers are provided with food and housing, but if they wish to begin a family, they must leave the Track. If a Keeper does choose to leave, they are give a severance gift based on their time and favor with the owners of the track. Most common of course is gold, but on occasion especially favored Keepers have been given horses, even prize winning ones.