old.jpgName: Kalder Jannerok
Age: 59
Sex: Male
Archetype: Cripple, former soldier
Location: Fish and Ships
Affiliations: House Jannirok

Character Background and Description
From a very minor house in King's Landing, Kalder Jannirok was raised as one of the Gold Cloaks' finest crossbowman. In his prime, he could have shot a rat between the eyes and a hundred paces or a meddling commoner at five hundred. His illustrious career was cut short during a riot at the docks when he was trampled underfoot and run over by a wagon, breaking his back. Out of work, he retired to the small dwelling of what remained of his house, which had fallen into a depression due to their uselessness to the royal house. Nowadays, Kalder sits on the front stoop, unable to go anywhere, though he is often pitied by a passing Josian Sloane and given free meals every now and again. Recently he has made friends with Pymon Bakmeyas and has been valuable to Josian in his attempt to get into the business of selling Clarion Flathead Roe. His tragic life has made him a rather bitter man, and he is often quick to take his misery out on anyone who would make the mistake of crossing him.