98702671a117e2cabd18a7d89ba9ff1d.jpgName: Josian Sloane
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant
Location: Fish and Ships
Affiliations: House Sloane (formerly)

Character Background and Description
Josian Sloane would never be a lord. Not that he couldn't, assuming his five older brothers somehow perished. Josian lacked the patience for it, the people and their politics. Besides, it never interested him. What he wanted to do was travel the world, meet new and exciting people, and leave this boring place with the same stories and faces.

Even so, the young man knew little else until he encountered a traveling merchant. The man sold everything from shimmering lapis lazuli and emeralds to iron hoes and carrot seeds. Enamored, the boy asked the trader where he discovered such variety. With a wink, the merchant revealed that they came from everywhere, telling him of the various people and places from which he acquired his stock. Inspired, Josian ran away from home, tailing the merchant when he left. He soon reunited with him, eventually convincing the merchant to take him as an apprentice.

The two of them traveled for a while, meeting new and exciting people. Josian loved the work, and enjoyed seeing the changing inventory. Often he would invent stories of where they been, who they met and where they would go. He was quite skilled at it, able to make even the most mundane items seem life changing. Eventually, Josian learned all the merchant could teach and decided to open his own trading post in King's Landing.

Josian's Fish and Ships became very successful, becoming a popular place to trade or sell goods on the Waterfront. The shopkeeper takes pride in the variety and quality of his wares. His quick wit and light-hearted banter make him popular with the regulars, though his blunt honesty and jokes may annoy some patrons. Josian is more than happy to take the time to talk to an ever-changing array of customers, discussing anything from books and gardening to the issues of the day. He hopes to expand his business into a larger enterprise, maybe even buy a farm to incorporate fresh food into his stock. Josian doesn't do anything to hide his noble origins, but never flaunts it. And why would he? Life is perfect as a merchant and doing anything else, be it a lord or a knight is unthinkable.

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