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User name: JosephHorsmann

Character Name: Jorrel Eisengold

Age: 39 (Born in 259 AC)
Sex: Male
House: House Eisengold

Height: 6" 1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Blue-green

Archetype/Concept: Lord

Disposition: Generally friendly and agreeable, occasionally more cold and reserved
Mannerisms: Compelling speaker; persuasive and eloquent, carries self properly, but not overly so
Distinguishing features: Short-cropped beard, small scar through left eyebrow

Factions/memberships/oaths: House Eisengold

  1. Immediate: Manage the health of his son, Bradyn and house matters
  2. Medium: Groom Bradyn to grow into a good person and capable lord
  3. Life: Increase the status and fortunes of House Eisengold

  1. Relies on Zyre Oakwood as a right-hand of sorts, to carry out business in the field
  2. Is aware of Feyana Deirei's darker nature and will position events to make use of her skills if necessary
  3. Had a one-time affair with Laerra Waynwood while married, she has held onto this information to use at a later date

Personal History/Backstory
Born to Lord Romarn Eisengold and Lady Clara Eisengold as their firstborn, Jorrel was groomed from birth to become the next lord of House Eisengold. Though both of his parents were kind, Jorrel's lord father was understandably disappointed when Jorrel came down with the Leos sickness at the age of five, known to afflict men of the Eisengold lineage. Lord Romarn had also been affected by the sickness when he was young and became more distant for a time, believing he would lose his heir to the sickness, despite his own recovery. However, by the age of ten, the sickness had all but left Jorrel, delighting his parents and helping to repair Jorrel's relationship with his father. Nonetheless, the sickness left its mark. While his life was no longer in danger, the sickness had left him physically weaker than most men and Jorrel knew that he would never participate in battle. Fortunately, Jorrel displayed a great deal of intelligence from a young age and had spent his sick years learning history and receiving formal education. With the support of his father, Jorrel continued his studies and grew to become a wise and capable lord, despite his physical frailty. At the age of 18, Jorrel was matched Ayara Sarwyck and the two soon fell deeply in love. The two were married at the age of 21 and a year later had a child, Bradyn. Jorrel and Ayara lived together happily for eight years, until Ayara died falling down the stairs. Her death had a profound effect on Jorrel, who swore off love and became noticeably more reserved and guarded. Most recently, Braydn became afflicted with the Leos sickness at the age of 16, unusually late in life, as the illness usually strikes when a child is young. This development has greatly distressed Jorrel, who now fears for both the life of his son and the future of the house, should Bradyn die.

Instilled with good morals by his parents and Maester Tian Rui, Jorrel strives for the betterment of the lives of the people of House Eisengold and Nemisport. However, Jorrel's station as a lord sometimes creates conflicts with his good nature and forces him to balance practicality with generosity. Due to his sickness as a child and his penchant for stories and learning, Jorrel has grown to be a capably intelligent man. Furthermore, his studies in nobility and to become a lord have afforded him a particularly strong conversational voice. Jorrel is well-known for his charisma and his ability to persuade and read others, talents he uses for the betterment of House Eisengold. While generally friendly and agreeable, Jorrel has never been the same since his wife's death and since been known to lapse into periodic depressions.

Current biography
Jorrel is currently struggling with the sudden illness of his son Bradyn, who was afflicted with the Leos sickness a year ago. Despite the best efforts of Maester Tian Rui, Bradyn's health only seems to be worsening. To protect the interests of the house by keeping Bradyn's illness and the Eisengold lineage's vulnerability a secret, Jorrel acquired a body double, Tugg, from among the townspeople Nemisport. Swearing the town and the house's retainers to secrecy, Jorrel now perpetuates this farce while continuing to search for a remedy for his ailing son, all the while managing the interests and day to day business of House Eisengold.

In hopes of settling the matters of succession that will arise in the event of Bradyn's untimely demise, and having recently gained favor with King Robert, Jorrel made a trip to King's Landing to speak with the King. Encouraged by Tian Rui, Jorrel also secretly hoped to find a cure for his ailing son somewhere among the multitude of resources in the capitol. Traveling by sea, aboard the Pride of the Sea, Jorrel brought as small armed force as a security measure as well as several retainers and servants, while Tian Rui stayed at Lyonhall with Bradyn to tend to him.

After arriving in King's Landing and discovering the King's temporary absence, Jorrel proceeded to socialize with other nobility at the Red Keep, accompanied by Nkosazana Hill, Zyre Oakwood, and Tugg, posing as Bradyn. Unfortunately, House Eisengold was not well-received. Most of the other nobles seemed to have little interest in Jorrel's presence, with the exception of one Westerlander who made a point of slandering Tugg. After the political setback at the Red Keep, Jorrel and Tugg proceeded to the Sarsfield Library, the former hoping to find information pertaining to Bradyn's illness. This outing fared much better for Jorrel, who successfully researched a wealth of useful information to send back to Tian Rui.

After receiving a an appointment to meet with King Robert, in 5 weeks, Jorrel and his retainers set about trying to arrange a sooner meeting time. Jorrel sent Nkosa and Zyre and the Mordrake to help deal with the increasing bandit problem in the Crownlands , hoping to further garner Robert's favor. Jorrel also sent Feyana out in hopes of making arrangements with Petyr Baelish to meet with Robert sooner. Meanwhile, Jorrel himself, and Tugg, continued to set about making connections with the nobility of Westeros. During another gathering at the Red Keep, Jorrel made fast friends with Grenn Westford, who suggested formalizing the friendship between their two houses.

Feyana brings news to Jorrel that Petyr wishes for House Eisengold to investigate and deal with King's Landing's growing Hisser problem and also provides Jorrel with a list of ingredients that Peoter used to make a poison to kill the bugs. Finding descriptions of similar pestilence in Free Cities lore, Jorrel sends Nkosa, Zyre and Tugg to the docks to investigate the source of the bugs. Meanwhile, Jorrel pays the Westfords a visit and formalizes their friendship before heading to The Burning Pillar and The Crescent Cauldron to investigate the Hissers himself. At The Crescent Cauldron, he finds Elric Magnus and Laerra Waynwood working on a cure for the fever caused by the Hisser's bites.

Jorrel, Nkosa and Zyre meet with Petyr at one of his brothels, The Gilded Gadre. After exchanging information, Petyr informs Jorrel that he suspects Dornish involvement and asks House Eisengold to detain Dornish ships from entering or leaving the city. Unsure of the best course of action, Jorrel asks for time to consider. Before leaving, Petyr asks Jorrel the name of the servant who developed the poison to kill hissers. Jorrel informs him that it was Peoter, who is found beaten to death the next morning.

On his way back to The Gilded Gadre to meet with Petyr again, Jorrel is intercepted by Ser Merlon Crakehall who was sent by Petyr to recruit House Eisengold to help in escorting the members of House Sekhmet suspected of various crimes against the crown to the Red Keep. Jorrel is uneasy about the situation but agrees and follows Merlon and his guards to the White Dunes, accompanied by a few of his own guards, as well as Zyre and Nkosa. At the White Dunes, the accused are taken into custody.

After House Sekhmet's trial, Kevan Lannister speaks to Jorrel and the other members of House Eisengold. He explains that House Eisengold has proven to be an impeccable servant to the crown, and that Tywin Lannister, wishes to reward the house. He grants Jorrel the formal title "Lion of the Sea" and charges him with policing the waterways between Lannisport and King's Landing. The position requires regular travel but the job pertains mostly to accounting and management from the ports of his choice, with his administrative desk residing at King's Landing. Kevin also offers to make Tugg, as Bradyn, a squire to Jaime Lannister, to which Jorrel accepts, reasoning that this will allow Tugg to happily live the life of a noble, while allowing Bradyn to rest and recuperate in safety back home. Jorrel appoint Feyana and Nkosa to stay in King's Landing with Tugg. Kevin offers to knight Zyre and appoint him in charge of rebuilding the dilapidated Crag and the construction of a port, to which Jorrel agrees. After a few weeks of becoming acquainted with his new station, Jorrel finds the position to be much to his satisfaction. His increased sphere of influence allows him to help larger number of people.

After being appointed Lion of the Sea, Jorrel was surprised to discover that the position came attached with an arranged marriage. As his only heir Bradyn had been given to squire for the Kingsguard, Tywin wanted to ensure the continuation of the Eisengold lineage, for the benefit of the Westerlands and his own designs. Unreceptive to the notion, as he had decided against remarrying following the death of his wife, Jorrel felt backed into a corner, but conceded given the good he could do with the title and the power that came with it. A few months after being appointed, Jorrel was wed to Sanira Estren of House Estren in 299 AC. The two got along well enough, but Jorrel never connected with Sanira on a deep level, as he pined for his deceased Ayara and could never stop loving her. To the day he died, Jorrel regretted dishonoring his marriage with Ayara by cheating on her with Laerra, and regretted being unable to help the younger woman escape persecution and blame for the hisser outbreak in 298 AC.

While Tugg lived life as Bradyn in the public eye, the real Bradyn recovered with the help of his father and the care of Tian Rui. Eventually overcoming the Leos sickness, as his father did before him, Bradyn and Jorrel decided it would be best for him to remain in Nemisport, assuming the invented identity of Jakor Eisengold – Jorrel's supposed bastard son. Legitimizing Bradyn as Jakor, Jorrel continued to groom him to become lord of the house, which he did, following Jorrel’s death in 322 AC. Though his tenuous marriage never brought him joy, Jorrel continued the late Ayara’s wishes and did his best to bring peace and prosperity to the Westerlands as The Lion of the Sea.

Notable skills
-Conversational navigation
-Charismatic nature and persuasive ability
-Ability to read other people
-Knowledge of Westeros as a whole, including history and nobility

Notable equipment
-Ayara's Pendant: a keepsake of his late wife; the pendant Ayara would commonly wear around her head on on her neck
-Sambuca: Jorrel Eisengold's riding palfrey
-Scar: Jorrel Eisengold's Valyrian steel dagger, kept hidden on his person for self-defense
-40 gold dragons

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling



Swimming 1B


Empathy 1B


Logic 1B
















Bargain 1B, Convince 1B


Reputation 1B








Strategy 1B


Coordinate 1B
Destiny Points:

  1. Wealthy (replenish coffers each month)
  2. Charismatic (add 2 to the result of a persuasion test)
  3. Compelling (increase influence with speciality by 1)

  1. Childhood Illness


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3