external image disciple-of-griselbrand.jpgName: Jorn Mallac
Age: 58
Sex: Male
Archetype: Septon
Location: Wisps of Qohor
Affiliations: Great Sept of Baelor, The Seven, Wisps of Qohor, The Black Goat

Character Background and Description
Jorn Mallac is somewhat of an Ex-Septon. He once served the Great Sept of Baelor, wonderfully in fact. He would roam the streets of King's Landing and bless the impoverished. He served the Great Sept of Baelor for the entirety of his youth and into his later years. All of that changed however, after he began reading books imported from the city of Qohor. These tomes spoke of a Black Goat god that protected the people, yet required the sacrifice of animals and sometimes even humans. Jorn began craving more and more information on this occult deity and practice. He believed the High Septon wasn't doing enough to protect the people from the daily violence inherent in King's Landing, so he took it upon himself to make a change. That change meant his total conversion from the Seven to the Black Goat. He wouldn't stand by and watch as people die day after day for nothing, the Black Goat would be his answer.

Prior to converting, Jorn heard rumors of the ritual sacrifices of the Black Goat happening in the old merchants' crypt, Wisps of Qohor. His curiosity lead him there one night, and from then on he was forever changed. The animal bloodshed he witnessed there that night stirred in him a primal hunger. To him it was now more than just a way to help the people, it was also a way to satisfy the bloodthirst that tugged at his mind. The next morning Jorn denied the power of the Seven and left the Sept for good. He took up residence in an inn not far from the old crypt and has remained there ever since.

Now a devout servant of the Black Goat, he will stop at nothing to gather the sacrifices needed, especially is that means kidnapping. Once a beacon of virtue and faith, Jorn is now a bloodthirsty cultist. Still believing he is doing the right thing and saving people from violence, he has become one of the violent elements he once sought to snuff out in King's Landing.