theater.jpgName: Joral's Theater
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Theater
Size: Somewhat Small, has a small stage that can fit several actors and seating is tiered to fit more people.
Condition: Decently kept, Not much dust but very well used.

Inhabitants: Jacque Lorgath, less than a dozen actors (Jane Ausan, Ferrus Karon) and a decently sized crowd of 50 people comfortably.

Description: Joral's theater was founded a rather long time ago by an actor that wanted to try and bring some culture to the more common man. Being rather well known from his own career, Joral Keringer decided that creating his own theater and managing it would be easier than continuing to act. The Theater sits in the northern portion of Visenya's Hill at the bottom of the hill. A well worn and old building, the wood is smooth in many places from the years of contact with the hands of the audience. The benches inside are slightly tiered to let more people have a good view of the small stage, the wood of the benches bowed in places from years of extended use. Now the theater is currently run by Joral's son as his father died years ago. Upon his fathers death, the young man requested that the actors use his father's remains as a prop since that is what the former actor would have wanted.