external image ab63c35afe236639a54e1e380bad4469.jpgName: Jenna Tarsh
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Archetype: Orphan, Thief
Location: Tufted Titmice Headquarters
Affiliations: Tufted Titmice

Character Background and Description
Jenna Tarsh has been a denizen of Flea Bottom for most of her childhood. Her parents were street peddlers who sold meat from an old wooden cart they built. When she was eight years old they were killed by beggars. The beggars wanted a free handout but her parents couldn't give away their only income for free, for this they viciously attacked the couple and killed them right then and there. Jenna had to fend for herself and migrated to Rhaenys' Hill, hoping that she would have a better chance at making a life for herself there. She was recruited by Conin Hornbrooke for his thieves guild, the Tufted Titmice. Seeing this as her only chance at getting out of poverty and avoiding prostitution, she took it.

The Tufted Titmice welcomed her to a bed and more food than she could have ever acquired on the streets by herself. In return she learned to be a five star pickpocket and support the guild. She had a little practice in Flea Bottom but it never really panned out, as she wasn't the only poor one there and pocket lint doesn't go for much. Rhaenys's Hill, however, gave her more opportunities than she could even take full advantage of. Everywhere she turned there was a noble or wealthy merchant with pockets filled with Silver Stags, Gold Dragons, and more.

She has served Conin and the Tufted Titmice for nine years, and has helped amass the majority of the wealth that runs through the guild's coffers. Given her experience and street smarts she has thought about potentially leaving the guild and going out on her own again. It would mean she wouldn't have to share her spoils, but it would also mean she would no longer have the protection that the guild was able to offer her. Then again she wouldn't need to leave the guild if there was a vacant guild leader position...