c40275ae27ef89ffd3a9b7036e234c4b.jpgName: Jemma "Bloody Rose" Rosewood
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Archetype: Criminal
Location: known to wander around Flea Bottom, Waterfront, and The Den
Affiliations: Morrow Family, Thieves Guild

Character Background and Description

Jemma is 5 feet 8 inches tall, she has long red hair, and brown eyes. She enjoys the finer things in life like wine, jewels, fine dining, also her knives. She is often seen wearing leather clothing, and carrying up to 5 knives.

Born to a poor family of in Fleabottom, Jemma had little hope for the good life. Her mother worked part time at a bakery and her father worked at the docks. They did their best to make sure they had food on the table, but it was never enough. Jemma was left alone most days since her parents had to go to work, so she used most of her time to explore the neighborhood. Flea Bottom was not for the faint of heart you needed to be tough to survive. Jemma was determined and full of energy she never let her position in life bring her down, it just motivated her to improve it.

Jemma wanted more than the life she was stuck with, she knew if she wanted something in life she would have to take. She started small with petty thefts such as pick pocketing and stealing food. She got really good at it, some people never even noticed that their valuables had been relieved from them until she was long gone. She kept doing this until one day she picked the wrong pocket and got caught by a notorious criminal in Flea Bottom named Ruby Morrow. This wasn't the first time she had gotten caught, she was used to being roughed up. Jemma had been slapped, beaten even sometimes stabbed. All of those times being caught were great life lessons that helped her be more prepared the next time she got caught.

One of Ruby's goons grabbed her by the collar and pressed her against the wall getting ready to slap her. Jemma out of instinct pulled out a knife from her sleeve and stabbed the man's hand. Once released she punched the man across the jaw, she wasn't afraid of a fight. Ruby was impressed by her spirit and offered Jemma to join her. She saw a tremendous amount of untapped potential in Jemma and offered to show her what it truly meant to be a criminal. After that day Ruby took Jemma under her wing and taught her exactly that and more. She would eventually climb the ranks to becoming her right hand. She would go on to do many jobs for the family such as enforcing, spying, and even murder.

Jemma fought and crawled her way to where she is now and she'll be damned if anyone will take it away from her. She is willing to kill if it means protecting what is hers or getting what she wants.