User name: AvidAusten

Character Name: Jaxson "Jax" Slatefire

Age: 27
Sex: Male
House: House Sekhmet

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 210
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Green/Blue

Archetype/Concept: Blacksmith

Disposition: A loving outgoing individual with pride for his job, despite his gruff exterior he is a lovable goof who everyone likes to be around and get to know.
Mannerisms: A great salesman, friendly,
Distinguishing features: Beard, blue/green eyes, cut above left eye, scar on cheek, chin, and around body.

Factions/memberships/oaths: [House Sekhmet/Blacksmiths Guild/]

  1. Immediate: Train his skill as a blacksmith and to experience something new everyday (a book, a new food, locations, etc.)
  2. Medium: To learn how to create valyrian steel weapons
  3. Life: Open his own blacksmith shop

  1. Kearen Sekhmet friendly, grew up together, made weapons for his father
  2. Pymon Bakmeyas teacher/student, taught Jax how to fight, runs errands for him
  3. Nkosazana Hill friendly, met while training in Westerlands, and taught her how to blacksmith

Personal History/Backstory
Born to the Blacksmith's Ferron Slatefire and his wife Jani Slatefire, Jax was raised in Dorne at his family's blacksmith shop known as Slate Works Forge in Lakeview Commons. He was the first born child in his family and was very spoiled by his parents being such. As a baby Jax got a lot of attention with his green and blue eyes, his mother said that the gods couldn't decide whose eyes would suit him best so the gave him both to be safe. He wouldn't remain the only child forever though for when he turned 4 his mother gave birth to his little sister Lyra. Jax and Lyra were almost inseparably close as children, Jax took on the role of big brother with conviction always looking out for his little sister. This was not the easiest of tasks since Lyra was always into some sort of trouble like stealing a cookie or getting into fights with the other children in the town. Jax loves his little sister and will do anything and everything for her until he is no longer in this world.

Blacksmithing is in his blood, his father would tell stories about Jax holding a hammer instead of a rattle as a baby. Jax spent the majority of his time in the shop following his father around constantly asking him how things worked and wanting to learn. His father loved his enthusiasm since it reminded him a lot of himself when he was Jax's age. He was a quick study when it came to blacksmithing, it came very natural to him. When he was 9 years old he forged his first weapon, a small dagger. His father was so proud of his son that he couldn't help but show off such an accomplishment, so he hung the dagger on the wall behind the counter so that everyone could see it as they walked into the shop. This was his first accomplishment as a blacksmith and with the constant positive reinforcement from his father it lit a fire in him to be just as good as he was, even better. At age 13 he was able to forge much larger items such as swords, shields, and various pieces of armor.

Being a blacksmith took both physical and mental endurance, so to keep up with the high demand he had to train his body and mind. You could find Jax running all around the Commons in the early morning or at night building his up his stamina and endurance. To keep his mind sharp he put his nose into books and read stories about the world around him. Jax would wonder how beautiful other cities in the world were. He had fantasies about the scale of the cities, and the vastness of the oceans. He would finally get to see the world when his father sent him out into the world to learn about blacksmithing.

When he was 16 Jax was able to run the shop without the help of his father. Jax was a natural salesman, as soon as customers came into the shop Jax would seemly pop up out of no where and start helping them find what they need. He was very well spoken and easy to talk to so customers always enjoyed having conversations with Jax. They say you'd could walk into Slate Work Forge looking for a sword and leave with a small armory. Jax enjoyed interacting with people, he found listening to people and their stories to be fascinating. He always made sure customers left the shop happy and satisfied.

Jax was growing and learning so fast, it wouldn't be long until there was nothing left for Ferron to teach his son about what he knew about blacksmithing. When Jax turned 18 he had mastered all the teachings his father gave him and was able to Smith just as well as his father. Not wanting Jax to settle with this knowledge he encouraged him to explore the world and learn as much as he could about blacksmithing and what it means to be one. So Jax took his fathers advice and embarked on his journey to learn all there was to learn about blacksmithing.

Each place Jax traveled he met all sorts of people, some good and others not so much. When he traveled to each city he sought out the blacksmith and would ask them to take him on as an apprentice. With his experience from his father being taken in was easier than most new smiths trying to learn the art of blacksmithing. Jax seemed to always learn something new from each Smith, even if it was the smallest thing like different techniques of hitting the metal to form a weapon or different treatment methods for the metal. He learned and incorporated it into how he would smith in the future. Soon he learned not only how to forge many different kinds of weapons but how to enhance them in both appearance and physical ways.

He is not motivated by fame or glory, he just wants to be the best at what he does. In order to become this he has to learn anything and everything there is to learn about his craft, he'll even need to invent something new to get to where he wants to be. He has to work hard and train his body vigorously to keep up with the task he has set before himself. Jax hopes to one day have a blacksmith shop in every major city in the world, but he knows to start off small so he mainly wants to open a shop that will be just as successful as his fathers shop in Dorne.

Current biography
Currently Jax is living in Lakeview Commons helping his father run his shop Slate Works Forge. He helps his father fulfill weapon/armor orders, and helps run the front of the shop when needed. He helps train his younger sister Lyra so that she can help around the forge in case he needs to travel to deliver orders or obtain supplies. On his time away from the forge you can find him running errands around the market or training to keep his skills sharp and his stamina up. When he's not training you can find him socializing at the local pub telling stories and brightening everyone day. He hopes to one day open up his own shop and create a name for himself in the world of blacksmithing.

Notable skills
Jax is an expert in the field of blacksmithing. Using his charming personality he helped his father run his business, by doing this he has learned how to bargain for the right price for goods and services. He is also very proficient in combat with or without a weapon, having trained vigorously for many years he has become a savant with any weapon he wields.

Notable equipment
- Bastard Sword
- Dagger
- Valyrian steel pendant ( given to him by his father )
- Forged metal pendant ( given to him by his younger sister )
- Leather Hard armor
- Backpack

List any notable equipment (tools, weapons, armor, treasure) that the character may have. Assume that a knight would have a standard issue sword and armor, a cook would have standard issue spices and ingredients, etc.

King's Landing

Jaxson is heading to King's landing to deliver weapons that he created for a client in King's Landing. While in King's Landing Jaxson will be picking up materials and supplies to take back home for the forge for his father. He will also reconnect with old friends and see how they are doing.


When Jaxson made it home to Dorne he thought life would pick up right where it had left off, but fate would have other plans. Since Jaxson had been away his father had fallen gravely ill from over tasking his body to keep up with orders as they piled up in the shop. Jax's sister Lyra had left Dorne soon after Jaxson had left for King's Landing, so his father had no one to help him in the shop. A few months after Jaxson's return his father would pass away. Stricken with grief and despair Jaxson and his family decided to close down the Forge for a short time. Jax couldn't help but believe that his leaving and not being around to help in the shop caused his father to fall ill and pass on. This would not be the only loss Jaxson would have to cope with, a year after his father's death his mother would passed away. The god's seemed to have it out for Jaxson, if the loss of his parents were not enough to bear a few years after he would lose his baby sister Lyra to a mugger who jumped the two one night after they were leaving the bar. Lyra had jumped in front of Jax and gotten stabbed in the stomach. Jaxson in a furious rage pulverized the man senseless until he was broken and barely breathing. He went back to Lyra who was lying on the ground covered in blood. Jaxson held her close as he tried to comfort her pressing his hand on the stab wound. She raised her bloody hand to his face and just smiled telling him it was alright, within moments she was gone. The loss of his entire family in a short period of time changed Jaxson forever, he was no longer the fun loving man that everyone once knew. Jaxson became cold and distant from anyone and everyone he once knew, he even stopped blacksmithing all together. He spent the rest of his days in his family's empty forge with a bottle of whiskey and a lingering emptiness in his soul that he could never hope to fill.

Abilities (default value = 2)




Quickness 1B

Animal handling



Run 1B, Strength 1B








Stamina 1B,


Brawling 2B,










Charm 1B, Bargain 1B












Destiny Points: 4

  1. Brawler I / Fists are fast and deal extra damage
  2. Weapon Savant / Ignore Trained requirement and penalties with weapons
  3. Wealthy / Replenish coffers each month

  1. Fear of spiders


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3