external image 50c7aaa9d1bfe5b4612212d97b1efd84.jpgName: Jane Ausan
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Archetype: Entertainer/Actress
Location: Joral's Theater

Character Background and Description

Jane is a short, youthful women who stands about 4'5". She is flat chested, with piercing blue eyes and long dark brown hair, often braided. She wears plain clothes when off-work, usually consisting of a monocolored dress and a bonnet. At work though, she wears a wide variety of costumes befitting her role. While she most often appears in farces or comedies, her forte, she has appeared in other genres of plays as well. Due to her looks and voice, she will play the role of a boy if needed.

Outside of work, Jane is a quiet woman. She keeps to herself and never goes out, she only makes herself known at the Theater. Both backstage and onstage, Miss Ausan has a presence. She is boisterous and easy-going, and something to behold on stage. While never taking the star role, she is more than happy to allow her acting to enhance the performance of her fellows.

Years ago, Jane escaped from slavers selling to Essos. When the ship stopped in King's Landing to resupply before crossing the Narrow Sea, she slipped through a porthole into the bay. Unsure whether her escape was noticed, or whether she was still being sought after, Jane kept a low profile until discovering the Theater. After sneaking in one night for a show, she was in love. Sneaking backstage, a young Jane saw the transformation the actors went through, both in costume and mind and convinced one months later to take her in an as apprentice.

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