Name: Jacque Lorgath
Age: 65
Sex: M5198470559_aea779f7d0_o.jpg
Archetype: Maester
Location: Joral's Theater
Affiliations: Joral's Son

Character Background and Description
Jacque is the gnarled old Master of Theater at Joral's. He runs the entire backstage, with skills ranging from carpentry to rigging to puppetry. Although his skin is wrinkled and his throat hoarse, Jacque can still hammer a nail in without missing and throw his voice across the room. He runs an extremely tight ship and will frequently throw things at crew members who aren't doing their part. Jacque makes his home in one of the lofts at Joral's and spends all his time in the building - he has his meals delivered and is said to have been born there.
He was, of course, not born there, but instead to a destitute family of performers living in Flea Bottom. Always obsessed with astronomy, Jacque's family saved up and surprised him with a room in the Citadel. As he went about his studies, he sent all the money he earned from side jobs home by courier. When he finally got a chance to visit his family, Jacque discovered that every letter he sent home was stolen by his family's landlord - and with it, the money. His family had since died with no financial support, believing that their son had ignored them. Stricken by guilt, Jacque immediately pledged himself to continue their work, moving in to the old theater and donating all his profits to the performers. He constantly demands higher wages for them so that they can avoid the same fate as his family.