Conder_Token_Middlesex_DH414_Pidcocks_Menagerie_obverse.jpgName: Ironshod Token
Category: Currency
Size/weight: Small, coin-sized
Rarity: Not rare
Value: Worth a horse
Uses: Marks the owner of an animal

Location: Brod's Ironshods

These small, iron tokens are given out by the workers at Brod's as representation of ownership of a stabled beast. To get your animal back, you need the token - else Brod's keeps it for the rest of it's life... not very long. The Ironshods there don't care much about who takes whose steed, so the value of it is commonly estimated as "a weak, dying horse." The coin has a B crudely carved on one side and an almost unrecognizable rendition of a horse on the other. They are usually in the pockets of patrons who are frequently targeted by pickpockets.