Motto: "And How We Rise" HouseFenshawFinal.png

Coat of Arms: Falcon
Realm: The North
Liege: Lord Roose Bolton

Quick access to place in King's Landing: House Fenshaw Lodgings

House History


House Fenshaw's origins begin with their founder, Erric Fenshaw. Born in 182 AC, he served as a knight to House Dustin starting in 200 AC. His actions and bravery protecting the Dustins against bandits and other unwanted forces lead to Erric becoming a landed knight in 216 AC. However, his newly obtained lands had been ill-maintained, and and the prominent population consisted of degenerates and otherwise unremarkable peasants. After being granted a small force of cavalry, Erric took the field repelling the brigands from his new holdings. Due to their prominent usage of falcons to scout behind enemy lines and disturb covered archers, the unit earned it's name "The Falcons of Autumn."

Unfortunately, Erric's new holdings grew slowly. He and his wife hardly lived comfortably; often being preoccupied by combat, both in his own lands and in direct service to House Dustin. Labor was also difficult to find - peasants avoided his holdings, even as Erric attempted to purify them, due purely to their barbaric history. By the start of the next decade, Erric and his Falcons began to push back the lawless populace to a great degree due to his constant and insistent offensives. As his hall, Falcon's Perch, grew, Erric pushed the criminals and brigands to his borders. His small holdings and vigilant cavalry made him almost omnipresent in his lands, and prevented camps from staying for long. Peasants began settling around his hall, forming the beginning of a hamlet in the hills, which would eventually become Skyhaven.


In 226 AC Erric still served House Dustin, even at the age of forty four. House Fenshaw would officially form after Raymun Redbeard’s attack on the North that same year. Acting as a guard for House Dustin ambassadors on a visit to Winterfell, Erric rallied the Dustin troops and helped lead the charge at the battle on Long Lake. For his bravery he was rewarded with increased lands and a formal House to his name. It didn't come without difficulty, however - Erric was aging, and those border bandits were once again in the center of his claims.

His campaigning lifestyle however, left little time at home. He left one heir, Ronnet, result of a purely political marriage to a Ryswell banner house, which only added land to Erric’s patrol. When Ronnet ascended to lordship following the death of his father in 228 AC, he vowed to spend more time managing the people, and less time fighting them. Granted, this also left him free to enjoy the comforts of his hall. Ronnet focused on defensive efforts, taking more pride in raising walls around the keep and managing taxes than riding to fight crime. As the Falcons of Autumn influence waned, the Fenshaw’s bandit problem returned from the borders.

Ronnet and Colmar

Ronnet married the daughter of another Dustin banner house, and fathered his heir Colmar. Colmar did not take to the walled-in family life Ronnet had craved, and by 243 AC, Colmar decided to spearhead the Falcons of Autumn, who had been turned into a wheezing joke by the now entrenched criminal element. However, Colmar had a fury that outmatched even his grandfather, and took to maintaining the lands his father wouldn’t. In anger, Ronnet had him married to the only child in House Monmann, Faena Monmann, in 249 AC. The newly acquired lands were similarly known for their raiding problems, and Ronnet gave his son “the only gift he wanted.” Monmann’s lands were located on the other side of the Kingsroad, past White Harbor. Essentially in exile, Colmar vowed not to abandon the people he was now the lord of. Despite having to leave his famed cavalry unit, he trained the peasants as soldiers, not just emergency levies.

While his lands drained his father’s investments,Colmar claimed his “people should be more safe than the coffers.” A keep was constructed to help protect the only sizable hamlet in the area. Despite his father’s efforts for a calmer son, Colmar remained the only Fenshaw heir. He returned to Falcon's Perch in 254 AC followed the death of his father, much to the dismay of the criminal element (and some of the people). Colmar would have two sons with Faena, Ebben in 250 AC and Bran in 259 AC, both of whom grew up with Theodan Berikson, son of Colmar's closest adviser. Ebben married Sarisa Rodsford in 276 AC.

Ebben and Bran

Following their father’s death in 278 AC, Ebben and Bran split the holdings. Bran would control the West, and Ebben the Eastern holdings, where his wife hailed from. Ebben felt more at home in the wider lands of the East, and Bran could have more advisement at the hall. Fenshaw became one house with two lords.
This peaceful, if unconventional divide would only last four years. During Robert’s Rebellion, Bran convinced both Ebben, and Theodan to follow him to the conflict. It would be the Fenshaw’s first time in a full war, and Bran was eager for glory. Their cavalry rode south with some of the more trained peasantry from Ebben’s holdings. The Fenshaw’s inexperience in war showed - they lost men from their meager holdings, and Bran was killed in a disastrous charge. During this conflict, Donnel Moyne, a mere peasant, rushed to Bran’s fallen body, and held it from attackers until Ebben’s forces could reach the scene. Despite that terrible incident, Theodan, with the help of one Gerick Embury, helped to rally House Fenshaw's forces, and prevent them from losing any more face. Because of this, Ebben gifted Theodan his former command of the Roost, as the lord was needed in Falcon's Perch.

Lord Ebben

Returning home, Ebben was gifted with more unruly land - dishonored or killed banner lords with no heirs lead to the Ryswell, Dustin, Mandarly giving small pieces to Fenshaw. However, Ebben couldn't retire yet. Reports of a bandit commander claiming to be a bastard of Ebben reached the lord's ears when he returned to the Perch. Composed of various bandit groups, the Red Claws, led by a man named Duncan Snow, became
a substantial threat in the years following Robert's Rebellion. With Theodan's aid, Ebben returned to the field to hunt down the chieftain, and denied ever fathering a bastard. They managed to capture Snow after a long and drawn out campaign, but the bastard had infiltrated the Fenshaw forces with his own, and used them to escape, weakened, but alive. After pushing the Claws back, Ebben had grown tired of engaging in combat, and allowed trained peasant forces and the cavalry to maintain the military of his lands.

Family tree from Erric

After the passing of his wife, Theodan relinquished his control of the Roost and Erricstead to Donnel, and returns to his family's old apartments in Falcon's Perch. Both his, and Gerick’s military advice would be a boon during the Greyjoy Rebellion, where they helped Ebben manage the still nursing House, showing strength in alliances and agreeing to managing missing lord’s lands. Ebben focused on taking the lands that others saw no value in, and reforming them. He helped grow the two main hamlets of his holdings, and, through agreements with the Dustins and Ryswells, built a road connecting his two claims, despite it running through their own lands.

House Current Status

House Fenshaw are rulers of abandoned land - cleaning up messes that failed houses wouldn’t, or couldn't, maintain. They consistently force back bandits, but always lack the troops to expand beyond. They have a wealth of connections with the various southern Houses due to their diligence, and don’t hurt for funds. The low population makes it difficult to grow, but easy to care for in times of hardship.

Emond Roebeck and his brother, Cadwall, came to the the Falcon's Perch in 286 AC after their parents were killed by bandits. Cadwall acts as a cleaner in the hall, while Emond since became a member of the Falcons, and has been in the military service since then.

Ebben died in 295 AC, leaving the young the twelve year old Raynard as the only heir. Raynard's older sister, Ranel Fenshaw also lives today, but has little say in the politics. While surviving her husband's death, Sarissa Rodsford quickly fell ill, and remains bed ridden and on the cusp of death. Without his mother's advice, Raynard relies on his father’s advisers, and faces the same hardships as his dad, but with no chance to gain experience before being thrust into the current role. An unruly stable master, Bracks Pryor, and a blacksmith, Triva Lorch distrusted by other workers in the house don't make management any easier. His advisers promise that their house’s influence could grow with a beneficial marriage, either of him or his sister, but Raynard has little patience for the politics. Reports of the Red Claws return in the hills have also become more prominent, but the Fenshaw's claim they are unsubstantiated and rumors are dismissed as false.

King's Landing

  • The Bolton's sent the Fenshaws to prove and forge a reputation in King's Landing. This also allows Theodan and Emond to establish Raynard and Ranel in the political sphere while helping increase their political goals for the house.

Character expectations in King's Landing:
  1. Emond is expected to act as a guard to Ebben's children and the prior acting lord, Theodan. As such, he's not supposed to get in trouble or even speak often.
  2. Theodan seeks to train Raynard in the ways of the court, and while he would rather have done that from the relative safety of Falcon's Perch, Edgar convinced the young lord to go, and so Raynard, in turn, convinced Theodan. Now, his greatest hope is to avoid drawing attention to those who would exploit a young, excitable lord. So everyone really.
  3. Besides having a good time, Tychys seeks to make some powerful connections, both for House Fenshaw and himself in his own way. While his personal motivations are largely unknown, the house will just be happy if he stays out of trouble.
  4. Nera seeks information that will complete her task given to her by Edgar. She also seeks her own information that will help her defeat Duncan Snow.

PCs, retinainers and heirs are located at House Fenshaw Lodgings and the squires, soldiers, Rass, and Castor are at the Bakers Barracks
NPCs coming along with player characters:
  1. Raynard Fenshaw
  2. Ranel Fenshaw
  3. Ahrora Nahaar
  4. Rass Snow, but separated
  5. Dameon Fyste
  6. 1/5 Falcons of Autumn (20 soldiers)
  7. 10 peasant retainers
  8. 5 Squires
  9. 10 messenger falcons
  10. Castor Steffield
NPCs staying home:
  1. Bracks Pryor
  2. Triva Lorch
  3. Sarissa Fenshaw
  4. Robert's Brother
  5. Aerick Woodwen
  6. Ethon Hogg
Unknown: Duncan Snow


House & Lands Generation (Chapter 6: Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game Rulebook, pg 96-123)

Step Two: Starting Resources

Realm Mod
Final Total

Step Three: House History

First founded: Formalized after Raymun Redbeard's attacks on the North in 226 AC, Erric began holding land in 216 AC as a landed knight in service to House Dustin.
Tychys and Ahrora Nahaar Arrives in 297

Historical Events
  1. Ascent - The house was founded through Erric's heroism on the battlefield, and improved through a consistent string of favorable marriages.

Step Four: Holdings


House Fenshaw has one heir, Raynard, who is 12 and his 15 year old sister Ranel.

Holdings/Notable locations:

Geographical Locations:

Bandits roam the Fenshaw's lands, raiding and organizing on the land's borders since they've been pushed from the center.

Despite the size of their holdings, the Fenshaw's have a relatively low population. Only two hamlets serve as the main cities of the land, and farmers are scattered among the rest of the vast claims.

Step Six: The Household

  1. Emond Roebeck
  2. Theodan Berikson
  3. Edgar Fyste
  4. Nera Dragen
  5. Tychys Nahaar

  1. Donnel Moyne
  2. Gerick Embury
  3. Bracks Pryor
  4. Triva Lorch
  5. Raynard Fenshaw
  6. Rass Snow
  7. Aerik Woodwen
  8. Duncan Snow - Antagonistic
  9. Ranel Fenshaw
  10. Sarissa Fenshaw
  11. Ethon Hogg
  12. Dameon Fyste
  13. Ahrora Nahaar