sample_bldg.pngName: The Twisting Boar
Location: Aegon's Hill, slightly east of Muddy Way and South of Flea Bottom
Type: Townhouse/Manor
Size: three stories tall, narrow, could hold 30 residents comfortably, but not extravagantly
Condition: Maintained, but not shining

Theodan Berikson
Edgar Fyste
Raynard Fenshaw
Ranel Fenshaw
Nera Dragen
Emond Roebeck
Tychys Nahar
Ahrora Nahar
10 retainers and servants

This narrow building is for the budget minded visitors of Aegon's Hill in King's Landing. Traditionally used by smaller-medium Northern houses, the lodgings are close enough to the seat of power to be politically useful, but too far away to be convenient. No house has ever fully owned the three story tall building, instead it hosts a rotating suite of tenants. These lodgings have provided a way for stable, but not wealthy houses to be involved in the political machinations of the court without emptying the coffers. In additions, it's located near a small godswood to give the Northerners some sense of home, but the architecture leans more on the southern styling than the minimalist decorations of Westeros's colder regions.

It's impressive height makes it recognizable, but the building feels squeezed into its location. Each floor has a wider common area and two staircases, but hallways can be narrow and confusing to move through for the unfamiliar. There is an onsite kitchen on the ground floor, and lodging for a few animals in a stall next to the main house. Loyal guards could be posted outside, but there's no external shelter.

House Fenshaw currently occupies this vertical manor because, despite their political connections, the house has limited money to spend on the visit to King's Landing. The location is still within the Gold Cloak's patrol, allowing protection for the political visitors, but separates the house from their soldiers, currently lodging in the Baker's Barracks.