House BryceBryce Emblem.png

Motto: Vigilance & Fealty
Coat of Arms: Three Swords on a Blue Field
Realm: Vale of Arryn
Liege: Grenn Bryce

House History

The legacy of House Bryce begins with the Andal Invasion. As the Andal forces consolidated their hold in the Fingers and the Mountains of the Moon, they continued to spread out to the rest of Westeros. One of the paths they took was a narrow strip of plains between the Bite and the Mountains. While the land itself is flat and easy to traverse, it is devoid of almost any source of fresh water. As the Andals marched along, they were soon forced to ration all water, even among the nobles. Just as the army's situation was about to become dire they happened across a shallow brook, but to them it may as well have been the Trident itself. The men proclaimed that this must be a gift directly from the Mother herself, to aid them in their expansion. The army replenished their stocks and pressed onward, but they left behind a small contingent to lay claim to the area.

The commander of these men was a minor noble who nonetheless acquired funds to build a castle as Andal men and women began settling in the area. This castle, appropriately named Clearspring, is situated at the source of this stream where it flows directly out of a rock face in the mountain. The noble took Sheer as a house name, after the steep, barren mountains that lined his domain. For a long time House Sheer was respected for their stalwart defense against raiders and armies from the Riverlands and the Neck. The conquering of the Riverlands by the Andals reduced the need for their House, though the constant wars with the North kept them relevant. The acquisition of the Three Sisters by Mathos Arryn was the last nail in the coffin of House Sheer, and marked the beginning of their long decline. The end of the pirate kings of the Three Sisters allowed soldiers and goods to be easily ferried around the Bite and meant that Clearspring Castle swiftly became obsolete. The poor quality of the farmland and the small population in the area left House Sheer with practically no power nor influence. The only task left to them is defense against the various mountain tribes, and they eventually became mocked as the rat-catchers of nobility.

The exact date of House Sheer's extinction is unknown. What is known is the long line of houses that rose and fell in their position since then, though many of their names have also been lost to history. At the time of Robert's Rebellion, Loys Bratfor held the title of Lord of Clearspring Castle. House Bratfor was founded by Loys' grandfather, a knight named Wallace in the service of House Arryn, for his performance in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Loys possessed none of his progenitor's attributes. Instead, he spent much of his time lounging in his parlor listening to singers and playing games. His wife was a former courtier whom he had fallen in love with, and they had two children together.

As Jon Arryn sent out his call to arms among his bannermen, Loys decided to instead pledge his service to the Mad King. Aerys was well known for his favoritism, and Loys had hoped to reclaim some of Clearspring Castle's historic domain by fighting for him. Loys told all of this to his council the same night that a raven from the Eyrie had arrived with news of the rebellion. Among his council was the future Lord Bryce though at the time he was simply Grenn, captain of the guard. He had been selected for the position due to his skill at arms, and Loys would come to regret that selection. The night that Loys announced his allegiance to the Targaryens, Grenn snuck into his Lord's chambers and killed him while he slept. The next day Grenn had a raven sent to the Eyrie informing them of Loys' treachery and his justified replacement as Lord of Clearspring. Caught up in the siege of Gulltown, the Lord Arryn barely even cared about Grenn's usurpation. Looking for ways to prove his loyalty, Grenn headed west with his men to join with the Stark and Tully forces headed down the Kingsroad. Over the course of the war, Grenn distinguished himself as a commander and warrior in the Battle of the Bells and the Battle of the Trident. For his contribution, he was given the castle he already held in everything but title as well as the right to have his own noble name and banner.

House Current Status

After Grenn's coup, he left to fight in Robert's war and prove his loyalty. This left only a token guard at Clearspring, with the surrounding countryside more or less completely undefended. The mountain clans seized this opportunity and pillaged the area for the entirety of the war. Even after Grenn returned with his troops, the raiders were too emboldened to stop. The new lord has spent much of the time since Robert's victory fighting back against the various mountain clans. He even successfully petitioned Jon Arryn for funds for his campaign. After all, the clans affect all the houses in the Vale. Outside of military matters, Grenn also negotiated a marriage between himself and one of the daughters of Alesandor Torrent of Littlesister. They have three children; Jon, the eldest child and heir to House Bryce at 9, Alesandor, 6 years old and named after his grandfather, and finally Marla, a girl of 2.

There are many members of the house that still distrust Lord Bryce but they are cautious in expressing their sentiments. Most of the soldiers in the castle trained with him as a guard and fought for him in Robert's Rebellion. Anyone that objected to his rise to power was thrown out of the castle, and started with the singers and sycophants that Loys had surrounded himself with. While Grenn has some favor with the king and Jon Arryn, if these connections were to falter he may find himself in the same situation as his predecessor.



Step Two: Starting Resources

Realm Mod
Final Total

Step Three: House History

First founding: Robert's Rebellion

Historical Events
  1. Treachery (-2 Influence, -1 Lands, +3 Power)

Step Four: Holdings

Defense: 47
  1. Clearspring Castle (40)

Influence: 33
  1. Firstborn Son (20)

Lands: 20
  1. Mountain with stream (10)
  2. Plains with coast, stream, and grassland (8)

Law: 19
-5 on House Fortunes

Population: 24
+1 on House Fortunes

Power: 49
  1. Trained Garrison (5)
  2. Veteran Scouts (7)
  3. Veteran Infantry (9)
  4. Veteran Archers (8)
  5. Elite Personal Guards (13)

Wealth: 27
  1. Sept (15, +3 on House Fortunes, has a septon/septa)
  2. Mine (10, +5 on House Fortunes)

Step Six: The Household

  1. Grenn Bryce
  2. Alysanne Torrent
  3. Jon Bryce
  4. Alesandor Bryce
  5. Marla Bryce