Name: Hissers article-0-19A2FDB4000005DC-19_634x420.jpg
Category: Bug
Size/weight: 1/4 the size of a coin, very light, practically unnoticeable if it is on you
Rarity: growing in prevalence on the waterfront
Value: nothing
Uses: you could eat one if you're desperate

Location: Toad's Treasures, Night Angler , Eisengold Residences, and other places in the Waterfront district.

This foreign bug emerged from the water in the thousands last year. They have found comfort in the homes of the buildings near the waterfront. It is unknown where this bug came from, but religious scholars have taken it as a sign of bad events to come.

They often hide in sheets, cracks between boards, and other dark areas. They sleep during the day but come out at night. They are named due to their constant hissing during all hours of the night. The bustling streets of the waterfront now have more noise to contend with. Scholars have described their hissing as an “unholy blight on the mind often leading to madness among the weak-willed.” Only the heaviest of sleepers will be able to fall asleep in a building infested with these bugs. They will prey upon other Hissers, meat, animals, and even bite humans in an attempt at nourishment. They are more a nuisance than anything, their bite just leaves a little red itchy bump. But if dozens bite you in your sleep, dozens of little red itchy bumps can be quite agonizing. That would teach you to fall asleep in a building infested with these dirt colored bugs.