download.jpgName: Gruit
Category: Intoxicant Beverage
Size/weight: Light
Rarity: common in poorer areas, also illegal
Value: cheaper than most alcoholic drinks
Uses: for intoxicating effects

Location: Poorer areas, transactions are often planned in the Night Angler

Gruit is said to have been consumed by the Children of the Forest, and some historical texts describe it as akin to beer, but with spiritual properties. It is a mix of herbs such as sweet gale, mugwort, yarrow, ground ivy, horehound, heather, black henbane, and cinnamon. Other herbs may be added for different effects or flavors. A historian is credited with rediscovering the recipe and passing it on to a merchant friend of his. It never became popular, except in poorer areas and places with odd religious practices. The merchant himself was said to become addicted to the stuff losing all his possessions.

Gruit is deadly in large amounts. Drinkers of it describe it as being like alcohol and milk of the poppy but with hallucinogenic properties as well. Many deaths have been attributed to it, and as a result it has become illegal.