98bd6d4600020eb81b3f0372619c0e66.jpgName: Grik
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Archetype: Rogue
Location: The Night Angler

Character Background and Description
Men like Grik are a dime a dozen in King's Landing; sly fingers, whispering knives, and a posture held permanently in a slink. Goldcloaks have an affinity for identifying them at a glance, but they, in turn, have become supremely skilled at not being glanced at all. Grik is especially good at this, weaving through the shadows like they were the only places he could exist at all. Which is good, because when it comes to the other half of the job, the thievery and conning of simple minds, he fails spectacularly. He fumbles purse strings, accidentally swaps the fleecing dice sets, and generally can never succeed at looking inconspicuous.

On occasion, he does get lucky, and that luck is enough to feed him for a night or two, but he is still a shrunken husk compared to the day he first arrived in King's Landing on a merchant's vessel. Grik originally hailed from a town south of the city, known as Haystack Hall, the seat of House Errol. There he was the son of a farmer, and named Dameon, an existence that he dearly despised.

Not that he's much happier nowadays.

Grik runs with a ragtag bunch of criminals that prow the area around the Mud Gate, though 'runs with' may not be entirely accurate, as anything involving teamwork or trust goes well beyond any of their the comfort levels. It's more like they try to not get in each other's way, though this rule gets thrown out pretty quickly when one of their number scores it big.