Griffensport.pngName: Griffensport
Location: The Riverlands
Type: Port Town
Size: Medium
Condition: Pristine, constantly undergoing new construction projects

Inhabitants: The Ironbane

Located on the brink of the Cape of Eagles, Griffensport just west
of the Eaglewood and south of Brimmsward. The port is an important Riverland port where many ships stop to rest, resupply and trade due
to its location near Ironman’s Bay. It is a common stop for traders from the North and the Westerlands alike.

The bustling, busy town is centered around the port and the marketplace attached to it. As you travel east, the buildings become older and more spaced out. There is a visual split in building styles, due in large part to the reconstruction following the partial burning of port.

The port was founded in 161 AC as “Oswind’s Haven”, a safe haven for those who washed ashore o due to storm and ironborn alike. Oswind had put many policies into effect to promote the growth of the hamlet, allowing smallfolk and survivors alike to settle into the town. By 173 AC, Oswind’s Haven would grow into a bustling port town and renamed Griffensport. However, in the Dunnbrant lords to follow, Griffensport would not receive much attention, leading to a period of stagnation.

In 239 AC, Griffensport would be attacked by ironborn raiders. Without much of a defense force at its disposal, the surprise attack decimated the city. There were mass casualties due to the attack and partial burning of the city, including Lord Ancelm Dunnbrant. His heir, Lord Beckett, would spend his rule reconstructing the port: investing public works and in defensive forces including the Ironbane, an elite warship fleet, and a highly trained garrison.

At the beginning of the Greyjoy Rebellion, the port would once again come under attack by ironborn. However, Lord Gerard was prepared for the attack, sending the garrison to evacuate the entirety of the town. He would then turn the town into a trap, ambushing the attackers as they entered the city. Due to Gerard’s actions, he would minimize the civilian loss of life.

Gerard would put plans into motion to grow Griffensport into a major port along the coast of Westeros. He invested his own heavily into expansion. However, with Gerard’s death, the fate of his plans remain to be seen.

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