Name: Gorefast

Category: Valyrian Steel Greatsword

Size/weight: 4.2 feet, 6.5 pounds

Rarity: Extremely

Value: 3200gd

Uses: Killing


Gorefast is Emond Roebeck’s greatsword, and the Roebeck brothers only remaining inheritance. Not much is known of its origins, as its former owner, Emond’s father Brunor, never spoke of the blade before his death.

It’s a Valyrian steel blade, but has no markings besides the distinctive ripples. Simple, maintained leather wraps around the hilt, and neither the pommel nor cross guard feature ornate markings. The sword does have a distinctive, off-red tint to the blade. It is unknown if that’s due to how it was stored or poor maintenance in Emond’s care.

Emond found the blade in the burnt ruins of his home after escaping his bandit captors. When searching for anything of aid, he found a hole containing the sword and ruined scabbard. The scabbard, which was little more than leather straps, has since been replaced for Emond’s combat usage. He keeps the original in his room at the Perch for sentimental reasons.

The sword earned its name after Emond freed his brother from the bandits that destroyed their home. When questioned about the blade’s name by a member of the Fenshaw guard who found the pair after the fight, Emond instinctively responded with “Gorefast” due to the landscape of dead bodies around them. When told it’s hardly a noble name, Emond’s usual response is “It’s hardly a noble job.”

Emond distinctly wields the greatsword in one hand, his size allowing him to use it as others use longswords. He wears the sword and scabbard over his shoulder like traditional greatsword fighters, albeit with the addition of a shield.

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