external image 7dcfd32641ef5fdc1254df2a1de16d60.jpgName: Gimble
Age: Late 20s
Sex: Male
Archetype: Criminal
Location: Can usually be spotted near Rhadevik's Most Illustrious Rug Emporium
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description
Gimble, who claims that his friends always call him "Gimble the Nimble," makes his living wandering the markets of King's Landing, sampling various patrons' finest coins. A pickpocket by trade, Gimble is a slightly short, scrawny, and raggedy man who dresses in clothing that has been patched so many times, there is doubt that the original fabrics are even represented. Gimble delivers his opinions like a maester delivers lectures, and Gimble is opinionated about everything. Those unfortunate enough to get caught in conversation with him will hear (at length) how much better times have gotten since the end of the Targaryen reign, how dirty foreigners from Essos are driving the prices up on every corner of the market, or why sleeping on your back promotes good health (to name but a few topics).

Gimble makes a point of engaging his marks in conversation before making off with their coinpurses. He realizes that his audiences find his talks unpleasant. He makes himself a nuisance, causing his target to want to look anywhere but at him in an attempt to break off the conversation. With the victim so distracted, he makes his move. Recently, he has been using the added spectacle provided by Rhadevik Twenty Tongues as an additional distraction. He has been following the roving rug salesman about, preying on those with the means to afford Rhadevik's high prices.