robin-hood-movie-image-52.jpgName: Gerick Embruy
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Archetype: Fighter/rogue
Location: Falcon's Perch
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description
For the first half of his life, Gerrick was a simple hunter and farmer. He was known and respected by his peers, but was never anything more than just another of the smallfolk. That all changed during Robert's Rebellion. During the battle where Bran Fenshaw lost his life, it was the raised voice of Gerrick, in addition to Theodan Berikson's, that kept the men from routing, and ultimately allowed the Fenshaws to rally after that disastrous first charge.

For the rest of the war, Gerrick could be seen walking in and out of the lord's tent. He was able to offer his uniquely pragmatic view on warfare to Ebben, and Theo called on him many times to help dissuade the grief-enraged lord from sending their troops on clearly suicidal missions. His counsel saved many men from charging to their deaths.

After returning to Skyhaven, Ebben made Gerrick a trusted retainer to House Fenshaw and gave him tasks that he could trust to few others. It was Gerrick who was assigned to rooting out the spies of Duncan Snow. It was Gerrick who was given charge over the Knifye Road. And now it was Gerrick again, who was given the task of managing Falcon's Perch and Skyhaven while the young heirs travel to King's Landing.

Initially, he handled these new-found responsibilities as one would handle an infant; with great caution and a fear that he would make a terrible mistake. But as the years trundled on, Gerrick grew into his new role, and now does his work with a skill and competence that would shame some lords by comparison.