Human_zpsb96f69a0.pngName: Georic
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Archetype: Barkeep/fighter
Location: The Dragon's Tail
Affiliations: The Dragon's Tail

Character Background and Description
Like the barkeeps before him, Georic spent the first fifteen years of his life growing up in the Dragon's Tail, serving food and drink, cleaning up messes, and learning swordplay from his father. Then without pretense, he left, returning twelve years later with a sure step and a much older set of eyes. As his father did before him, Georic took the reins of the Tail from his old man. Who now rests in front of the tavern, a pipe ever-present beneath the brim of his hat. Occasionally, the elder will disappear for a few months, but this never seems to bother Georic, as he turns up sooner or later.

Despite the respect he draws from the Tail's regulars, the barkeep is barely known outside of his establishment. Something which he seems to enjoy more than most men would. Georic appears content to spend his days tending the inn with the help of a hardy staff comprised of locals and families of the regulars.

Like all those that came before him, Georic excels at swordplay, and wields the sword Quiet with astounding skill. Of course, this only ever happens when a unruly patron draws a blade within the Dragon's Tail. In most cases, the barkeep uses a thick peace-keeping club is things get rowdy. There were however, rumors of a pair of gold cloaks getting cut up after arguing with a man matching Georic's description, but all of the bar's attendees said that he was with them, serving drinks. The man himself just smiled and agreed, while polishing a mug that already shined.