862e6f4c63cec9ad41dbd716dac58318.jpgName: Garen Morbrook
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Archetype: Hedge Knight
Location: Seen few days at The Ruby Roast, known to wander around Aegon's district, and Visenya's Hill.
Affiliations: Mercenary Guild

Character Background and Description

Garen stands six feet three inches. He wears light metal/leather armor, and carries two bastard swords at his sides. Garen was born and bred to be a warrior. Garen was trained by his father ever since he could hold a sword. He aspired to be a knight like his father, he knew he had to work hard if he wanted to achieve this goal.

Garen's defining moment as a hedge knight was when he was on an escort mission with his father and a few other mercenaries. The mission was to protect the heir to an up and coming house, it was his first real mission as a hedge knight. Everything was going smoothly until Garen and his father were ambushed by assassins attempting to kill the heir. The assassins surrounded Garen and his father, he counted 8 men in total. Garen's father ordered the mercenaries to protect the heir while Garen and him took on the assassins. The men attacked Garen and his father like a pack of hungry wolves. Garen's father was able to take out two of the men before a third caught him by surprise and knocked him unconscious. The man stood over him and prepared to deal the finishing blow, but before the he could Garen plunged his sword into the man's back piercing his heart.

Garen wanted to check on his father, but there was no time. They had beaten three of the men, but five men still remained. He reached down his side and drew his other sword and waited for the men to make a move. Three of the men rushed towards Garen, they thought that the fight would end quickly since they still had the numbers advantage, but they were mistaken. Garen quickly handled the first two men who rushed him parrying their swords and slicing their throats. Blood sprayed all over Garen, but he was un-phased. The next man swung an axe at him, he took a quick step to his left dodging the axe. Garen then proceeded to cut the hand holding the axe off with one sword and then plunged his other into the man's chest dropping the man to his knees. Garen stared at the remaining 3 men as he pushed the man's body off his sword with his foot. Furious the next two men ran towards Garen; they wanted this to end this, their mission was to kill the heir but now they wanted Garen's head. The two men started swinging their swords, Garen met them blow for blow as sparks rattled off the swords from the friction of the steel. Garen looked like a man possessed by a demon for how quickly he was able to swing his sword to block the incoming attacks. He used the men's anger against one another as he redirected one man swords into the others stomach. Before the man could remove his sword Garen had already slit his throat.

Garen shifted his cold dead gaze at the last assassin and slowly walked towards him walking past all the men he just killed. You could see the fear in the mans eyes, it was like he was staring at death itself. He didn't know whether he should run away or fight. Garen decided for him as he swiftly lunged forward stabbing the man in the stomach and then ripped his swords aside killing the last man. Nobody would believe this tale had it not been for so many men witnessing it.

Word spread fast of the lone knight who single handedly took on 6 men and won. With this accomplishment his name became more recognized by more powerful houses and knights opening many door for Garen.