external image forgotten_greenhouse_by_kamikaye-d5jfuwv.jpgName: Garden of Bars
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Governmental: Prison
Size: 2000 Square Feat
Condition: Pristine

Inhabitants: 10 Gaurds including Ser Khurt Turse, 1 Warden, up to 30 Inmates including Lina Wars

A prison located in Visenya’s Hill, the Garden of Bars takes in the less violent prisoners and those with influence. As part of their punishment the prisoners must tend to a greenhouse during the day, where many of the herbs used by alchemists and apothecaries in the area can be grown. Often times, as part of their penance, prisoners are given a particularly exotic plant to grow, and if they cannot keep it alive their time is extended. Many of the inmates in the Garden tend to be female since many of the men that occupy Westeros are too filled with rage to earn such a privileged sentence.
Although she is not always here, the spice merchant Serena Finley is likely to be found purchasing herbs from the warden at least once a week.