Name: Fulgrim Quake external image latest?cb=20130129040751
Age: 52
Sex: Male
Archetype: Fleet Commander
Location: Westerlands, Nemisport
Affiliations: House Eisengold, The Eisen Guard, The Dauntless Fleet:

Character Background and Description

Born into a merchant family from the Westerlands, he was found on the coast of Nemisport after he families trade ship was attacked by pirates and left to burn in the middle of the sea. He drifted onto the shores of Nemisport and was taken in by House Eisengold's previous Fleet Commander Fredrick Eisengold. Since the age of 7 years old Fulgrim was raised on the sea and taught everything about commanding a Fleet from his adopted father. After his fathers untimely passing after his heart stopped in his sleep, Fulgrim quickly rose to becoming House Eisengold's new Fleet Commander at the age of 20. Through his knowledge and determination House Eisengold indoctrinated him into their ranks.

A long time member of House Eisengold, Fulgrim is a man of stout stature, short cut hair and a mustache, beard combination that is slowly fading from black in color to grey. He is a stern, strong and adept navel leader, with more than 25 years as captain under his belt. All sailors under his command admire and respect their gruff leader. He strives to build the finest navy in Westeros, while protected the Eisengold name whom he owes his whole life to. With his years of experience and tough character Fulgrim hopes to train the best in the brightest in the ways of the sea.