medieval-dice.pngName: Fleecing Dice
Category: Gambling/Personal effects
Size/weight: Small
Rarity: Only a few scam artists are aware of the trick, and even fewer can pull it off
Value: The weighted dice cost a silver, the other ones need to perfectly resemble them, so the buyer gets conned out of another silver for the work, even though they would have normally cost a few pennies at most.

Location: Grik's personal set, and he usually hangs around the Night Angler.

Description: The scam itself is a pretty simple thing, though that's never been a guarantee of success among the criminal element of King's Landing. First you find a willing participant, preferably anyone who's not a local, then play a few rounds of dice with the unloaded set. After you've made them feel reasonably confident, usually by making bets that almost impossible to win, switch out for the identical loaded dice set when they aren't looking. Proceed to win back your previous bets, and then keep going until they start to catch on. Make yourself scarce, then spend your earnings at the tavern.

Do not challenge the imp.