external image latest?cb=20140120060511Name: Fish and Ships
Location: Waterfront
Type: Trading Post
Size: One small main room out front, a large storage room in back
Condition: Clean and kept up on the outside, the inside is much more dingy and somewhat dark

Inhabitants: Josian Sloane (Shopkeeper), Storage Room Guard(s)

"From fish to ships, and from each of the shores they swim, Fish and Ships has it!"

Fish and Ships is a trading post located on the Waterfront of King's Landing. Situated near the docks, Fish and Ships is happily in a position to be quickly seen by those disembarking from their travels. Accepting both trades and coin, anyone may sell their hard won (or ill gotten) goods here. With the worldly traffic it sees, Fish and Ships' goods are widely varied, coming from all corners of the Known World. But the stock is quick and fleeting, as the available supply may change hands within the day! It is recommended purchasers buy or trade any items they require right away, but since most of the stock is kept in the back, requiring one to inquire about availability, it is unknown to most persons whether this is a farce by the owner to drive up sales, or whether it truly is that popular.

The main room is small, able to accommodate about 10 persons comfortably. The shopkeeper is situated behind a heavy wooden counter, that has obviously seen some wear. Behind the counter, on shelves or stakes, as some of the goods on display. Also behind, is a doorway to the storage room. This main room is somewhat dark, with only one window beside the door. Lamps hanging around the room are lit at night, each one unique, most likely traded. In the back, the storage room is even more dark than the main room. Having no windows, and no light sources save for lanterns carried by the owner or guards, it is a amalgamation of goods. There is little order to the room, but the owner knows where and what the stock is. This room has two entrances, a large side door to allow large items to enter or a small door connecting to the main room to allow the shopkeeper to access the goods. This back room is not unguarded though, with a few hired guards to keep watch over the supply.

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