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Name: Fickle Feather
Category: Magical feather
Size/weight: Small, almost weightless
Rarity: Extremely
Value: Unknown (likely high)
Uses: Mends fatal wounds when applied

Location: The Shimmering Shanty

Description: The Fickle Feather is said to be a magical feather with the curious ability to mend ones own wounds. Although no one knows for certain if it actually exists, it's remained among the numerous stories and legends told by the city-folk for quite some time. One simply applies the feather to a wound, such as a knife cut, and it's said to completely heal in one day or less. Legends of the Fickle Feather began after a popular gladiator, Euphus, would fight his opponents while wearing a hat with strange red-hued feather sticking out of it. Although Euphus would sustain numerous injuries while battling, he not only never lost but was always ready to fight the next day. One day, an arena servant was secretly observing Euphus after he had been stabbed multiple times in the abdomen. According to the snooping servant, the badly injured Euphus simply applied the feather onto the wounds, and the next morning his severe injuries were completely gone.

Also according to the legend, the arena servant decided to steal his feather one afternoon while he was preoccupied. Just two days later, Euphus died from wounds sustained in the arena.

The latest rumor would have it that the Fickle Feather is in possession of someone in The Shimmering Shanty, after a patron who had been stabbed in an argument was miraculously saved by a mysterious hooded man, only after applying a red-hued feather to the wound.