external image 4b2c7209879da060fc1e3bede70939cf.jpgName: Ferrus Karon
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Archetype: Entertainer
Location: Joral's Theater
Affiliations: Joral's Theater

Character Background and Description
Ferrus Karon is an actor at Joral's Theater, and also serves as a firebreather for various events around King's Landing. Overall, Ferrus can be quite a witty and funny gentleman but he does have an ego and aggressive tendencies. At a quick glance some might find him odd, as he has a tendency to burn his facial hair and eyebrows off whilst firebreathing. He is the son of an illusionist from the Summer Isles, the famous Kardos Karon. He was raised amongst the entertainers of King's Landing and it was no surprise that he too would follow his father's footsteps. For a while Ferrus wasn't sure what sort of entertainment he would take part in. He tried being an illusionist but lacked the finesse needed to be successful at it. It wasn't until he met fellow firebreather and future friend, Harrin Mord that he found his niche. Harrin took Ferrus under his wing and showed him the ropes of firebreathing. Ferrus excelled at it but found that the need for a firebreather was awfully rare.

He was hired for the celebration following Robert's Rebellion. It is one of his fondest memories. At the celebration he played one of the Targaryen dragons. It was then that he began to explore the world of acting. He looked to Joral's Theater for employment and practice with acting. He puts himself right front and center of every play he can get into, regardless of whether it is the lead part. He has also gotten into a few fist fights over the lead role. His aggression can get out of hand, as he thinks he is the best entertainer there is. As successful as he is, he doesn't always play well with others. This has caused issues regarding his employment, something that he may not have for much longer if he doesn't learn his place.