116594212_d1.jpgName: Falcon's Perch
Location: House Fenshaw
Type: Hall with Walls
Size: Medium
Condition: Maintained

Currently, the Falcon's Perch hosts the Falcons of Autumn, guard captain Gerick Embury, blacksmith Triva Lorch, stable master Bracks Pryor, the siblings Raynard and Ranel Fenshaw, and their ailing mother Sarissa.
There are also about 100 foot soldiers, 50 cavalrymen, and about 60 servants.

The Falcon's Perch began construction shortly after Erric Fenshaw became a landed knight. Starting as a simple home, it gradually grew as the Fenshaw's became a noble house. As the Fenshaw's influence increased, the Falcon's Perch changed to accommodate it. Long halls for dining and judging became necessary, and accommodations for advisers and officials needed to be built. Due to its modular nature, rooms have poor sight to others, and the hall is built primarily of wood and stone.

The most drastic change was during Ronnet's regency. Ronnet added walls to the exterior of the hall, closing it in with stables and guard supplies. While it may appear to be protected like a castle, the defenses of the hall were never iterated on too much. Enclosed in his wall, Ronnet then turned towards making the house more politically impressive - adding formal kitchens and more northern elements like a godswood. Colmar didn't iterate on his father;s improvements, focusing more on training the guards to defend the walls well.

Ebben didn't make many changes to the Perch, content to maintain it rather than improve it, as he never felt comfortable in the hall compared to his native home in Errikstead.

Image source: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/video/exterior-of-stirling-castles-main-hall-stirling-stock-video-footage/116594212