external image MissouriBaptist_Healing_Garden.jpgName: Fairgarden Clinic
Location: Aegon's Hill
Type: Hospital
Size: Rather large, with an outside garden area
Condition: Pristine and well kept, especially the gardens

Inhabitants: Staff, Patients, Edmun "Blackfyre", Maester Cayde, Morgan Veritas

Fairgarden Clinic is a high end hospital. It is a serene place of healing, with white and silver marble floors and pristine white walls in the main area. This easily dirtied surface is kept clean at all times. The back areas, where much of the operation takes place, it is less so. While attempts are made to keep it looking well, dried blood can be spotted in the cracks from previous patients. These rooms are much more enclosed compared to the rest of the building, to "give privacy to the patients". These back areas are used infrequently though, as most of the patients come with less bloody injuries. Most come for the supposed mystic atmosphere the gardens generate.

The gardens in the back have only the most beautiful and pleasant smelling flora of Westeros. These flowers are secretly arranged by location, with flowers of the North appearing nearest to one another, and so on for the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. Patients tend to unknowingly flock towards the sections they call home, calling a sense of familiarity, that may help with the healing. Numerous "mystics" wander the grounds with pots of incense, making the entire building smell pleasant.

The price of entry is very high though, and many middling persons consider the prices to be robbery if you attend without a serious injury. But those affluent enough tend to find no issue with the prices, and enjoy the ambiance.
Though they make sure to stay away from Edmun "Blackfyre".

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