external image incense.jpgName: Fairgarden Blend
Category: Incense
Size/weight: A light powder, sometimes pressed into a solid form
Rarity: Exclusive to Fairgarden Clinic
Value: Expensive, if it was purchasable
Uses: Burned in pots to heal and create a pleasant aroma

Location: Fairgarden Blend

Fairgarden Blend, is the specialty incense powder for the Fairgarden Clinic. Mystics of the clinic wander the grounds, burning pots of the stuff. The pleasant aroma is described as "familiar with a hint of spice". Each person supposedly finds the smell different, but all can agree there is a hint of cinnamon, or something similar, in the blend. Those persons are true, as Fairgarden Blend is a mixture of cinnamon, cedar, amber, and a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is not just one ingredient, but a closely guarded list of powerful, yet easily mixable, scents from each of the Seven Kingdoms, explaining the "familiar" scent each person finds different.

The Blend is believed to increase strength, clear the mind, and increase energy. It is also believed to speed up the body's natural healing processes. Skeptics believe this to be nothing more than a placebo effect, but none have been able to properly test this theory.

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