Name: Exotic Tastes75246_real.jpg
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Restaurant
Size: medium sized single floor building
Condition: fair

Inhabitants: Foreign chefs, patrons

This restaurant is housed in a fairly well maintained single floor building, and has been in business since before the Blackfyre Rebellion. At Exotic Tastes average patrons eat share three long tables with decent wooden chairs. In the back however smaller private tables are available with cushion chairs for the higher paying clientele. The general area is always keep fairly clean, especially the kitchen, A fact which the staff takes great pride in. The restaurant has the right to refuse patron's who do not meet their cleanliness standards, however this is usually reserved for drifters from flea bottom.
Exotic tastes serves foreign dishes from all across Essos, and if rumor is to believed even meat from the strange creatures of Sothoryos for the highest paying customers. They have also started introducing foreign wines into their menu. Many foreign traders in Kings Landing stop here for a little taste of home. Still, many natives still enjoy their wide selection. The restaurant see's a great deal of business and is almost always occupied.
Being made up of many ethnicity's, the staff also speaks a variety of languages allowing foreigners to speak their native tongue.
It is also frequently visited by lesser nobles seeking to culture themselves. The staff is made up of mostly foreigners, bringing with them recipes from their respective homelands.