Name: Ethon Hogg320px-FO3-npc-Wernher.jpg
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Archetype: Messenger
Location: House Fenshaw Hold (The North)
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description

Ethon Hogg was born to 2 peasants under the rule of House Fenshaw. He grew up in a time of bandit raids, mostly from the notorious Red Claws, and lived in constant fear of death. During this time he became skilled at relaying messages throughout the small hamlet for the people. His messages usually contained letters from different families hoping to find someone they lost during a raid. He even helped others reach their families if they were separated. Sometimes he went as far as to bring back a body so that the family could put their loved one to rest. His small build and stature allowed him to move undetected throughout the hamlet and surrounding areas, which made him the perfect messenger during times of peril. When he was 14 his father died of unknown causes, leaving him to fend for himself and his mother. He started charging people for delivering messages in order to provide for his own family, which quickly turned the people against him. He was once beloved for his selflessness and willingness to help others, but now the people hate him for his supposed "selfishness."

While he was out delivering a rare message Ranel Fenshaw took notice of him and offered him a job as an apprentice to the current messenger of the House. Seeing it as a way to provide for himself and his mother he quickly agreed, not thinking too long or hard about the consequences. During his time as an apprentice he learned to train with the falcons, as they are the main way to communicate with other Houses and kingdoms. He had never worked with the birds before and had grown cocky when one falcon in particular, named Daris, seemed to like him. While tying a message to Daris he accidentally pulled a feather from the bird and the falcon attacked him. He ended up losing an eye because of his mistake. He became fearful of the birds and considered going back to his old life, because of his inability to work with them. The master of falcons, Rass Snow, came to him during this time and taught him about the falcons. He was hesitant at first to trust the old man, but soon became just as enamored with the falcons as Rass was. The Falcon Master taught him about the Falcon God and Ethon soon became a devote follower. This new religion had put a strain on his relationship with Ranel, who talked to Ethon frequently and even used him to send messages outside the Hold. Ethon knowing he was forever in Ranel's debt, tried to teach her his newfound religion but she quickly rejected it and asked him to speak of it no more. Even though their relationship is strained Ethon continues to do as she asks and never reveals to anyone what her messages say. He is still the messenger of House Fenshaw to this day, and has unknowingly helped Ranel play the game with the messages he delivers.