bazaar.jpgName: Essos Square
Location: Rhaenys Hill
Type: Community
Size: One town square with surrounding residencies
Condition: Robust and Thriving

Inhabitants: Residents hailing from, or bearing heritage from various peoples of Essos including the Free Cities and the Summer Isles. Ballaphos Foraar. Entan Bywater.

A thriving community of folks from all walks of life, Essos Square is a place for those from the more exotic lands and the Free Cities to find a familiar sense of home among their own people. Built around a town square of moderate size, Essos Square is one of the most exotic locations in King's Landing, bearing cultural influence from a myriad of sources including the Summer Isles, the Free Cities and even relics and remnants of Old Valyria. Here one can find anything from the exquisite spices and fascinating food of the Free Cities, to the fine imported textiles and other materials brought over on trade ships. Spectacles and performers litter the square as well.

Also here can be found some of the more treacherous aspects of the East, including a black market for the selling of unscrupulous items such as the more exotic poisons and even a slave trade. Goldcloaks and guards often look the other way, for the demand for the exotic goods offered here not only bring in significant taxes, but offer the more sultry desires to any prying eyes to keep them searching elsewhere.