Joost_Cornelisz._Droochsloot_-_Village_Street_-_WGA6684.jpgName: Erricstead
Location: The North
Type: Hamlet
Size: Small
Condition: Prosperous
Controlled by: House Fenshaw

Inhabitants: Farmers, Brewers, and a trained peasant militia

Given to Colmar when his father married him off to Faena of House Monmann. Colmar soon drove out the bandits that plagued the region for years, and built The Roost to allow House Fenshaw to gain a better hold on these new lands.

Donnel Moyne, one of House Fenshaw’s local heroes hails from here, as well as Theodan Berikson’s wife, Egret.

Erricstead lies by a fork in the Talons, and specializes in grain and beer production with the help of water wheels. The hamlet is much more agrarian-centric than their western brothers in Skyhaven, and provides most of the grain for them.

Despite the protection of the Fenshaws, those living in the outlying farmsteads still have to contend with bandit raids every now and then, and have developed numerous strategies to deal with them. Ranging from total pacifism, to hiring guards, and even training in weapons themselves. The effectiveness of all these tactics vary from place to place.