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Name: Erric's Glory
Location: The North
Type: Plains
Size: Large
Condition: Cold

Inhabitants: Hunter's, Deer, Goats, Northern Shadowcats, other small mammals

Erric's Glory is named to honor the battle between Erric Fenshaw and the bloodthirsty bandit Chieftain Boland in the year 221 AC. Boland and his men were known for their ruthlessness, slaughtering even woman and children in their raids before burning whatever was left. Bollands path of carnage prevented house Fenshaw from utilizing the prime hunting grounds located in this area. Furious over the murder of his people, Erric rode with his calvary to eliminate Boland and his men once and for all. Although Boland’s men greatly outnumbered his own, they were able to swiftly cut through Boland’s forces with their horseback advantage. These men would later become the famous Falcons of Autumn. Honor demanded however that Erric face Boland in single combat. Bolland was far larger than Erric, and fought more like a beast than man. In the end Erric’s discipline overcame the beast, but not before leaving him with a scar across his cheek to remember him by. Thanks to Erric’s defeat, the fields were once again safe to be used to provide a steady supply of meat and fur.

Today you will find several hunting cabins littered about, preying on the deer that graze its snow covered plains. These hunter’s are almost always from the western hamlet, although a few men from the eastern Fenshaw lands may journey here as well. You may also run across the occasional goat, come down from the sheepshead hills. While normally a peaceful place, with the goats come the northern shadowcats, who will just as eagerly make a meal of any hunter unlucky enough to cross their path.